Oakland is the third-largest city in the San Francisco Bay area and the eighth-largest city in California with a population of over 400,000 citizens. Due to its prime location along the west coast, Oakland is the busiest port in all of Northern California. There is plenty to do for both residents and visitors in Oakland. Visit Angel Island for stunning views, learn more about the different animals of the world at the Oakland Zoo, or catch an Oakland A’s baseball game at the Oakland Coliseum. Oakland is number 2 among the most diverse cities in America, embracing all cultures. Along with the city’s diverse population, there are a number of other reasons Oakland is a great place to live. The weather in Oakland is comfortable throughout all seasons and you don’t have to deal with San Francisco fog! Who wouldn’t wanna live in a city that you can indoor the outdoors all year long? Residents of Oakland also take pride in their beautiful homes. When homeowners throughout Oakland are looking to upgrade their flooring, they turn to italics.

Porcelain & Stone Tiles For Oakland, CA

We have been providing customers throughout Oakland, CA with beautiful stone tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, and porcelain tiles for over 30 years. New tiles can transform any room in your home, not just your kitchen or bathroom! Visit our showroom in Emeryville to see all of the tiles we have in stock or give us a call with any questions.