Porcelain & Stone Tiles in the Oakland, CA Area

Your commercial property is more than just the location where you do business. It is a direct reflection of the quality of service you provide to your customers. As such, the interior of your business should always be inviting and well maintained. If the decor of your interior space is about due for an update, it is often a good idea to begin from the ground up. Your floors are an important attribute that customers judge your business by. Each customer that walks through your door walks over it and sees it. That’s why it is important to use quality stone and porcelain tiles for your next project.  That is where we can help. Italics proudly offers an enormous selection of quality stone and porcelain tiles to Berkeley, Oakland, Marin, CA, and the surrounding communities.

Our Stone & Porcelain Tiles Can Improve Your Property

If you wish to boost the interior of your commercial property, consider adding new stone or porcelain tiles on your floor or even walls. Because your floor covers so much area, new floors will make the largest impact if you seek to improve the appearance of your property. Everyone who steps foot in the door is likely to notice the significant improvement to your space. New stone tiles or porcelain tiles can make your space feel brighter, cleaner, more modern, and more lavish. Stone and porcelain are also easy to maintain, more sanitary, and can last for decades.

Overall, stone and porcelain tiles are one of the favorite materials for commercial properties. Unlike other flooring materials, tile can withstand mass amounts of people walking on it without being damaged. Even with dirty shoes bringing in mud, sharp heels digging into the surface, and heavy furniture being shifted overtop, tile still manages to stay in pristine condition. All it takes is a quick wash and all signs of imperfections can disappear.

Learn More About Our Quality Tiling Work Today

At Italics, we understand how important the presentation of your commercial property is. Every customer notices how your floors and tiles look. A well-maintained floor is associated with a good, professional business with quality goods or services. That is why we provide the highest quality tiles possible. We offer a wide range of quality stone and porcelain tiles. Give us a call today to find out more!