Offering a Wide Selection of Kitchen Tiles and Similar Products to Oakland, CA

As with any aspect of interior décor, there are certain products that do not age well. Some products degrade over time due to poor material composition. While other products simply fall out of style and make an interior space appear dated. That is why Italics has dedicated itself to providing Oakland, Berkeley, San Rafael, Marin, CA and the surrounding communities with quality, durable products, that maintain a timeless elegance in design.

Whatever Type of Tile Your Project Calls For, We Have You Covered

We not only stand behind the material and aesthetic quality of our products, we also offer a wide selection of products to ensure we can accommodate the demands of your project. We dedicate ourselves to this high standard of service because customer satisfaction is our fundamental priority.

Whether you need porcelain, ceramic, stone, or glass tile, we have a selection of timeless materials that will elevate the aesthetic of your home for many years to come.

New Products

We travel and search the world to continually evolve our collection. We strive to continually add new items throughout the year, please click here to see what’s new!

Porcelain & Ceramic tile - Berkeley, CA

Ideal for almost any installation or application, Porcelain and Ceramic tiles have come a long way since introduced. With everything from HD digital printing techniques to a more rustic feel and edge, the ideas are limitless. Check out our distinct collection of Porcelain and Ceramic tiles!

stone bathroom tiling - Marin, CA

Timeless. Classic. Two words only beginning to describe Stone. Used for centuries as a building and decorative tool, Stone continues to define projects around the world with the look only Earth can provide. Please click here to check out our various Stone collections!

Glass tile and mosaics along with our unique accents can bring that final touch to any project. Please click to check out or unique selection!