Living Areas & Bedrooms

Stylish Porcelain Tiles & More in Berkeley, CA

The living areas of your home receive the highest amount of traffic. As such, it is important to always utilize the highest quality flooring material to ensure that your home retains its elegance and aesthetic appeal over time.  Whether you’re in the market for stone, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, Italics always works to ensure that the material you’re making your selection from is held to the highest standard of quality.

Spruce Up Your Living Space With Affordable Stone Tile

Customer satisfaction is our fundamental priority. This means that while we always work to ensure our materials are unparalleled in quality, we also strive to offer a truly enormous selection.

If the living spaces in your home look like they are due for an upgrade, utilization of quality tiles can certainly go a very long way. If you’d like to explore some of the many wonderful products we have available, check out some examples below!

Explore Our Expansive Selection of Stone & Porcelain Tile

At Italics, we’re constantly expanding our modern selection of tile to suit the needs of Oakland, CA residents. Whether you’ve recently purchased a new home or you’re in the process of renovating your existing space, our retailer is sure to feature the perfect tile at a highly competitive rate.

We’ve already told you about our stylish surfaces, but why not get a look for yourself? As they say, seeing is believing! Browse the provided gallery to get a better sense of our current selection. Not only will our stone tiles improve the look of local bathrooms and kitchens, but these surfaces can be used to update antiquated living rooms and bedrooms, as well.