Preventing Tiles from Cracking

Why Tiles Crack & How to Prevent It

No one likes the appearance of cracked tiles. It looks bad, traps dirt, and can cause someone to get hurt. Kitchen tiles are very popular choices for flooring though because they are durable, low maintenance, and come in many styles and patterns. So, why do tiles crack? There are many reasons tiles crack which include poor installation. This is more common than one may think. Tiles need to be installed on a well-laid substrate foundation. Improper use of expansion joints is another reason tiles crack. They must be secured to the subflooring using an adhesive that covers the entire back of the tile. If it is not, there may be weak spots and cracks can form. Cheap, low-quality tiles are a quick way to experience issues as well. Not all tiles are created equal. The saying goes, “You get what you pay for”. This is a good thing to keep in mind when buying your kitchen tiles. Heavy loads are another common culprit for why cracks form. So, be careful with putting heavy appliances on your tiles.

Now, how do you prevent these things from happening? The first thing that you can do is have your subfloor evened out and undamaged. Next, you can clean your floor with a vacuum, mop, and scrub brush. A clean surface helps to reduce the chance of cracks forming. You should avoid adhering tiles directly to plywood or cement. Lay down an anti-fracture membrane between the subfloor and your tiles to reduce potential cracking. After installation, the best thing you can do is keep the tiles clean with regular cleanings.

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